It’s 4am and I’m doing my dissertation as I have been doing for the past 4 days. I’ve noticed that when I’m really tired, my brain works really well and I seem to be a fountain of knowledge and ideas but when I’m physically awake I feel like I have the mental capacity of a Labrador. Maybe this is why I did well in school, I always struggled to sleep and was therefore really tired at school all day. But at college, late starts and days off meant I slept loads and…well had the mental capacity of a Labrador. I actually can’t wait to get a regular 9-5.30 job as I feel my life will return to the peak of mental achievement like I enjoyed at school. But now, I won’t have acne.

However, there are the usual downfalls of being exhausted. I make loads of mistakes and my brain is telling me I need to empty the cache cos my memory is full. What usually happens is I write them all these thoughts down in the notes app on my phone and delete them in the morning, but now I’ve got a blog and…it just fits this purpose so well. I just hate how its so besides the point.

I’ve also decided I’m going to take a Michael Moore approach to blogging, a approach that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life and I think its something to do with being left handed. I read through my blogs and I’ve decided the beard one is the most interesting, why? Because its quite fun to read but it has a valid point (like Michael Moore films!). I’m also flirting with making about responsible marketing/CSR (they tie in brilliantly if you look at marketing as a philosophy and not a sales tool), but I think I’d struggle to make that fun to read, but it’s what interests me most.