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We want the same things from brands as we want from our friends. To make us feel good, trust, honesty and respect. When marketing through social media you have to respect that this is a place where people have come to chat and have fun not to have corporate messages shoved down their throat. Don’t get me wrong, they are following/friends with your brand because they like you and for that reason alone they appreciate and deserve you to push them in the direction of some well conceived branded content that’s going to educate or amuse, hopefully it’ll sell a few things too. But don’t exploit the trust your friend has shown in you by misdirecting every shortened URL straight back into your pocket. Treat a friend right and they will be with you for life, treat them like a fool and they’ll drop you as soon as something better comes along.


At the risk of sounding too much like an article Carrie from Sex and the City would concoct, I can’t help but notice the resurgence of masculinity over the past year. Us men have been walking around with our tails between our legs for too long (so to speak) and its finally time to give in to the build up of testosterone the influence of metrosexuality has had us clutching onto. In my eyes, Micky Rourke’s career turning performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson has let the world know that men are back, and this time we’re not wearing sarongs.

So, what is 2010’s ‘man’?

(also check out their blog Manifesto, it was done by one of my favorite agencies, Poke.)

This is how we SHOULD behave, this is how we SHOULD look. It’s time to throw out the straighteners, boot cut jeans and whatever questionable footwear today’s males are choosing to adorn and time to go back to the times of James Dean, Sean Connery and, most importantly Steve McQueen. So, who are the people that are going to take you there? Well, it looks like French Connection are at the forefront of the high street man resurgence but for unforgiving cool that will seep from every inch of your body look no further than Tom Ford. This man creates some of the most classically structured designs most of my generation will ever see (If they stop looking at topshop and, even his aftershave will make you smell like a VIKING (The king of all men).