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I would thoroughly expect the recently announced iAd platform Apple launched at iPhone OS 4 developer preview is going to force mobile advertising into the same echelons as search engine advertising, possibly above. Whereas the current mobile advertising is focused around accountability, very much like current search ads, iAd looks to create rich user experiences that invoke emotion and stimulate desire. It also offers brands the opportunity to add a dimension of personality to their product or service.

The fact that companies are now creating intelligent ways of distributing brand messages makes me so happy and excited that I decided to persue a career in marketing and adveertising. iAd, Digg Ads and Twitter COO has said that their new platform

“It will be fascinating. Non-traditional. And people will love it… It’s going to be really cool.”

and thats exactly how it should be. Businesses need to be more aware of how to build a model thats going to sustain them rather than worrying about short term profits because that’s just self destructive. Perhaps this new era of management is a result of the recession, I’ve read in a few places about how a recession acts as a catalyst for progression.


I was reading this post on Ad Lab about Burger King’s ads now being included in searches of Digg that yield no result. The thing I like about Digg is that whilst it needs advertising to keep running, they never go over the top or shove it in your face like a lot of other sites do. Digg has a very loyal fan base, and for good reason too. If you aren’t one of the 18 million people who casually browse Digg already I’d suggest you make it the first port of call for off the beat, or just down right weird news.

Digg also runs ads alongside the links to content, and the ads usually link to some kind of article or image promoting something meaning they fit in with the context and if you do click them you can get some kind of satisfaction even if you aren’t interested in whats being sold. Whilst I’m sure Digg would be able to make a lot more money plastering page engulfing flash ads all over their page they are making sure the experience stays the same, something which a lot of companies are getting wrong.