Italian denim connoisseurs Diesel have worked with Anomaly to create this interactive music video/clothing catalogue for Josep Xorto. Whilst the song and video itself is distinctly average, the interesting part is when you read about Anomaly’s part-label, part-management, part-publishing music group. Intent on finding new ways of artists to find new streams of exposure and revenue, Anomaly Music Group is a breath of fresh air on models for capitalizing on musical talent and it makes me think with company’s like Anomaly, Spotify and even Apple giving artists platforms for creating and releasing music and promotional content where do traditional, innovation hating labels stand? Will they continue pressuring governments to stifle anything that challenges there ways of making money because they fail to understand how drastically their environment is changing and can’t do anything about it apart from pulling the strings of the political puppet?

It’ll be interesting to see, and I believe the less involvement record labels are in music the happier artists will be. The reason we see so many manufactured pop-stars today is because they make the labels the most money, they don’t write their own songs, they don’t dress themselves and they certainly don’t think for themselves. Compare this to an independent group such as (bad example) The Darkness who got 90% of the royalties from their short-lived career because they didn’t sign away the rights to their music to a label. But now artists don’t need the muscle of record labels money and contacts, it’s relatively straight forward to get a song listed on iTunes and you have to look no further than the success of US rockers OK Go to see how easy it is to market yourself on the internet. As long as you have a true talent for music, or in their case dancing, you will succeed.

The video (not interactive version, check the link in the post to view)

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Just thought I’d share this, not only is he a brilliant speaker, excellent dresser (so is his wife) and the President of the most powerful country in the world, his signature is stupidly cool.

However, I can’t stop thinking it says Body Odour, not sure why.

At the risk of sounding too much like an article Carrie from Sex and the City would concoct, I can’t help but notice the resurgence of masculinity over the past year. Us men have been walking around with our tails between our legs for too long (so to speak) and its finally time to give in to the build up of testosterone the influence of metrosexuality has had us clutching onto. In my eyes, Micky Rourke’s career turning performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson has let the world know that men are back, and this time we’re not wearing sarongs.

So, what is 2010’s ‘man’?

(also check out their blog Manifesto, it was done by one of my favorite agencies, Poke.)

This is how we SHOULD behave, this is how we SHOULD look. It’s time to throw out the straighteners, boot cut jeans and whatever questionable footwear today’s males are choosing to adorn and time to go back to the times of James Dean, Sean Connery and, most importantly Steve McQueen. So, who are the people that are going to take you there? Well, it looks like French Connection are at the forefront of the high street man resurgence but for unforgiving cool that will seep from every inch of your body look no further than Tom Ford. This man creates some of the most classically structured designs most of my generation will ever see (If they stop looking at topshop and, even his aftershave will make you smell like a VIKING (The king of all men).